Hellooo, I’m Niki!

And welcome to my hodgepodge mess of a crafting lifestyle blog. You’ll find crafting ideas, cooking stuff, planning, and a few reviews for good measure. There’s so much to share with you, that I couldn’t pick one.

In 2014, I started TealKat Design (previously cardstoq) to share quilling and paper projects to inspire others. At first, I thought I might look up some “sentiment stamps only” for my cards since my handwriting is… symmetrically challenged.

Boy, did that get outta hand quick when I discovered everything the craft world had to offer. Stamps and inks and papers, oh my! My favorite techniques include stamping, watercolor, die-cut design, and paper sculpture.

As the website grew and I made lots of crafty friends, I realized there were other things I could share to help others – thoughts on the various tools that I couldn’t find information for in my own searches, how to run a craft blog, and ways to plan with a paper planner. So with a little theme swap here and some fancy writing there, TealKat Design became this crafting lifestyle blog.

I live in sunny San Antonio, Texas, with my husband, Scott, teen kiddo Joseph, and two strange cats. Our eldest kiddo, Kevin, is a nuclear technician in the US Navy.

Oh, I almost forgot about the cooking! I have recipes, too! Read more on that below.

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A Crafting Lifestyle Blog with Food?!

So, why recipes on a crafting lifestyle blog? Even though I started out with a crafting blog, I’ve always wanted to have a cooking blog. So I thought, eh, why not? And I added some of our family’s favorite munch’ems on here.

However, you won’t find a whole lot of super low-calorie recipes here; only super tasty, sometimes bad for you stuff.

What you will find are meal ideas with a decidedly Canadian/Southern USA flair; I grew up making homemade staples and comfort foods. You may find a few low carb/keto things though, and a sprinkling of vegetarian dishes (that aren’t boring salads!).

Whatever you make, don’t be afraid to tweak things; I want you to tell your guests it’s YOUR recipe!

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