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WELCOME TO tealkat design

Helloooo, I’m Nicole!

Copywriter by day and crafter by night. I love all things paper, fabric, and paint. Tea is my beverage of choice, and I’ll take it hot or cold.

I live in sunny San Antonio, Texas, with my husband, Scott, teen kiddo Joseph, and two strange cats. Our eldest kiddo, Kevin, is a nuclear technician in the US Navy.

I ink blend, die-cut, and color every day.

Welcome to my hodgepodge mess of a paper crafting blog! You’ll find handmade cards, general paper crafting, and a few mixed media or scrapbook pages for good measure.

There’s so much to share with you I couldn’t pick just one.

There are many tutorials and reviews to help you choose how and what to make, so you never have to waste your crafting time sitting through a creative block. You can do something as simple as a CAS greeting card to a multi-page scrapbook layout. Get ready to learn new stuff that will make your projects shine and expand your crafty repertoire.

TealKat Design is more than just a paper crafting blog; we have a crafty card community on Facebook! It’s a gathering place for us card enthusiasts to share our work. Join in the fun at The Cardmaker’s Craft Room. Let’s see what you got!

There are no wrong ways to create, just other ways of
making things.

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Explore the fabulous world of paper crafts.

Peruse the blog posts and immerse yourself in a creative adventure (and some misadventures!) full of colors, textures, and techniques. Let yourself imagine fantastic new project ideas and ways to make your current projects even better than before. Take in all the inspiration, and then create and share your designs with others in the crafty community!