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DIY Craft Ideas and Tutorials

Here you’ll find some of my favorite ideas and projects that you can make at home. Crafting and decorating is my first love, so this category is full of DIY, scrapbook, and paper crafting goodness!

Meet the blogger

Welcome! I’m Niki!

Copywriter by day and crafter by night. Stepmom to two, pet mom to two strange cats, and wife to one heckuva great guy. I love all things paper and some things fabric. Coffee is my beverage of choice, and I’ll take it hot or cold.

I ink blend, die-cut, and color every day. 

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Want to scrapbook but don’t have the time?

Have you ever tried pocket scrapbooking? Made popular a few years back by Project Life, this super fast and cheap way of scrapbooking your memories is making a comeback!

See my essentials list on Amazon!

Easy and Fun Recipes for your family

I don’t tout these as super healthy recipes; I just know they are dang good home-cookin’. Some are low carb, some are traditional Newfie, and some are a little more southern. Either way, they’re always good eats.

Recent Recipes

Forgot the barbecue sauce and apples again, huh?

Here’s a pretty weekly meal planner and grocery list printable to keep track of what you need on your next shopping trip. You can even laminate it so it’s reusable with wet erase markers!

Letter (8.5″x 11″) • A5 (5.8″x 8.3″)A2 Quad (4.25″x 5.5″)

Paper Planning Tips & Ideas

I know it says paper planning, but that’s not all I have to share with you! Sure, paper planning is best for remembering stuff and all, but you can’t discount some of the digital options available. Oh, but then there are stickers… it’s so hard to find planner peace!

Latest in Planning

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News, Reviews, and Fancy New Tools

Wondering if that new gadget is worth the cash, or got it already and need to figure out how to do something? You’ll find lots of great info below, including some of my favorite tips, tricks, and tech for blogging.

Latest Reviews

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