A Beautiful Floral Wedding Card with Patterned Paper

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Hola, friends! Today’s beautiful floral wedding card with patterned paper was inspired by the florals on this amazing BetterPress plate by Spellbinders. The plate itself is from the Every Occasion Floral Alphabet Collection.

I love these designs, especially the “O” on today’s card!

It’s an elegant focal point and sentiment all in one. Since the florals looked light and airy to me, I wanted to create this quick card using light and airy patterned paper. I chose a floral from ModaScrap’s Fly and Scrap stack.

It’s an older paper collection, so it may not be available anymore. Remember to shop your stash for great paper to use! If you’re like me, there’s a whole drawer of it somewhere 🙂

To start off, I fussy cut the florals from each side of the patterned paper.

Next, I got out my BetterPress platform by Spellbinders and pressed the design with Black BetterPress ink.

It’s SO pretty and perfect!

After letting it dry, I adhered my floral patterned paper on the left and right sides of the panel with Tombow Xtreme Adhesive and a little bit of Nuvo Deluxe glue. Then, I trimmed the excess paper from the edges.

Now it’s time to add matching colors to the flowers in the center! I chose Copic markers for this job.

I know the two inks don’t play nice together, but these colors were the closest I could get to the patterned paper colors that would give a watercolor-like transparent effect.

Because of that, I quickly dabbed the color in with the tip of the markers and cleaned them on scratch paper immediately afterward.

Next, I trimmed about 1/8″ off each side of my floral panel and used an A2-sized piece of black cardstock to frame the design and match the letterpressed design.

Then, it was time to add the gems!

These self-adhesive dots are some of my favorite embellishments. I also have the gold ones. They go with absolutely everything!

I placed several of them around the florals on the card, which was the finishing touch. Ta-daa! A fast and floral wedding card with patterned paper to save you time.

Thank you so very much for popping by today. Remember to pin this to your favorite Pinterest board for later!

Photos: Canon Rebel T6i with 50mm lens, Replica Surfaces “Lush View” and “Shiplap”; Replica Surfaces Replica Studio, Assorted props and a window with great lighting!

Can you use Copic markers with BetterPress ink?

The short answer is no. BetterPress ink is oil-based, whereas Copic markers are alcohol-based. Because alcohol is a solvent, marker ink may break down the BetterPress ink, causing smearing or feathering. If you want to use your markers with a BetterPress Design, color quickly and lightly and avoid the BetterPress ink as much as possible.

Can I use regular cardstock with the BetterPress?

Yes, you can! But you won’t get that neat letterpress look that comes with using the thicker, cotton-based letterpress cardstock. And that’s what it’s all about, right?!

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